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S.O.R.A. Training


The Security Officers Registration Act (SORA) is a New Jersey law that regulates security officers. SORA certification is required to work as a security officer

in the state. To get certified, you need to register online with the New Jersey State Police, complete fingerprint processing, and complete training from a certified SORA instructor. Our goal is to provide exceptional instruction to prepare individuals for professionalism and skill as security officers.

We also offer SORA renewals, unarmed-to-armed upgrades, and certification for Law Enforcement Officers.


Please see our SORA Page for more information.

Self-Defense Training


We are trained and certified by RHINO Tactical Defense®, the world's most eye-opening, realistic, and rewarding self-defense system designed to be

used by real people in their real lives. Our training program is an excellent choice for those seeking an empowering, interactive, and enjoyable learning environment. We cater to individuals of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds, with specialized classes available for real estate professionals, community workers, and active intruder situations. In addition, our real estate classes are worth 3 CE credits, making them a valuable investment in your professional development.

Please see our Self-Defense Page for more information.

Training for Houses of Worship


Every person deserves a safe place to worship, regardless of where, who, or how they choose to do so. Our House of Worship trainings are tailored to

meet the specific needs of each congregation, providing a secure and welcoming environment. We offer realistic security assessments and can assist in developing or refining an established safety team. Our training includes de-escalation techniques and how to respond to an active shooter incident. Additionally, we can help create Emergency Action Plans that comply with the 2022 legislation (S721), which mandates venues with a capacity of 500+ people to submit these plans to their local police department.

Please see our House of Worship Page for more information.

Safety Awareness and Pepper Spray Training


We are trained and certified by SABRE® Pepper Spray, the best and most well-known provider of personal safety products. We provide two types of

personal safety training courses-the Civilian Safety Awareness Program and the College Safety Program. Both personal safety training classes educate you on how to identify threatening behaviors, skills to discourage potential threats, and techniques on how to escape dangerous situations, including training with pepper spray.

Please see our Personal Safety Page for more information.

Our Trainings

We provide high-quality safety and security training for security officers, adults, children, seniors, realtors, and houses of worship, along with security officer services. Our goal is to assist everyone in leading safer and more confident lives!

See below for the best ways that we can help to empower your life.

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