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Self-Defense Training

We are certified and continuously trained by RHINO® Tactical Defense, the world's most eye-catching, realistic, and rewarding self-defense system designed to be used by real people in their real life.

RHINO stands for Realistic Hand-to-hand Integrated Neutralizing Operations.

Our Self-Defense Program was created from experience in military, law enforcement, and close-quarter combat techniques, with some basic martial arts techniques included. Along with that, we teach the psychology of criminal intent and realistic self-defense. RHINO TacticalDefense was specifically designed to be highly effective in real-world situations where your survival and safety are on the line.

RHINO Tactical Defense is:


Learn how a criminal thinks and what you can do to disrupt that process with very simple movements.

Don't be a Soft Target!

RHINO helps you develop the confidence, skills, knowledge, and resources you need to take control, make informed decisions, and become your own first responder.



Know what to look for. Avoid conflict in the first place. Most people mentally shut down under stress. You will learn to stay in control.

And when conflict is unavoidable, have the power to stop the threat. RHINO scenario training prepares you for real situations.



No matter your age, gender, level of fitness, or prior experience, EVERYONE deserves better protection for themselves and their family.


RHINO Tactical Defense Reality-based Self-defense Training can benefit a wide range of demographics, including:

  • Men

  • Women

  • Teens

  • Senior Citizens

  • College Students

  • Professionals in High-Risk Occupations

  • Individuals with Disabilities

  • Community Groups

  • Travelers


RHINO Tactical Defense instructors are dedicated to your success.


RHINO Tactical Defense provides a modern and practical approach to self-defense, emphasizing simplicity, accessibility, and effectiveness without the traditional trappings of martial arts.


RHINO Tactical Defense stands out from traditional martial arts in several key ways:

1. No Martial Arts Protocol
2. No Uniforms or Belts
3. No Bowing or Foreign Language
4. "Plug & Play" Techniques
5. Practical Self-Defense

RHINO Tactical Defense teaches self-defense in a modern and easy way. It focuses on being simple, easy to learn, and effective, without the formalities of traditional martial arts.



Adult Self-Defense


Everyone needs these skills. Everyone.

Skills learned in a RHINO Tactical Defense course, boot camp, or seminar are taught for use in real-life situations. In the real world, you do not get to choose your bad guy. They will always

pick the time, area, and process of attack.  We train our students with this in mind, and it's why RHINO Tactical Defense was developed - to be extremely effective in real life.

Our training will help you develop the ultimate mindset for real self-defense and the skills you need to defend against any situation.

Who Can Benefit?

Everyone! The ability to improve your personal safety situation is not just for people of a certain age, gender, or fitness level. Anyone can be targeted by an attacker, everyone deserves the ability to improve their defenses. Prior experience isn't necessary to learn reality-based self-defense.

Many people think taking a self-defense course is too difficult or they don't have enough experience. RHINO was created for the widest range of students and includes graduates of all sizes, shapes, ages, and abilities.

Senior Self-Defense


This two-hour class specializes in empowering seniors and anyone with mobility challenges. It comprises strategies to help seniors become less of a target for criminals and how to defend themselves if attacked. Those who use a cane will also receive

special instruction on turning it into an effective weapon if needed.

Practice realistic, scenario-based self-defense in a warm environment and at a sensible pace. And remember, being a senior does not mean being helpless!


Perfect for Over 55 Communities, Assisted Living Facilities, and Senior Centers! 

Child Self-Defense


The RHINO Child Safety program offers parents peace of mind by equipping their children with the ability to recognize risks and make informed decisions in

dangerous situations. Our approach is fun and non-fearful, ensuring children feel empowered while building self-esteem and lasting safety skills. We go beyond just teaching "stranger danger" by providing law enforcement-based skills that are easily understood and can be immediately applied, rather than focusing on martial arts.

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