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Wedding Services

Let us add some peace-of-mind to 

the Best Day of your life!


Your wedding is not a battleground, and having security present often helps keep the peace- often before it starts. So, unless you feel confident that each and every person on your list (and anyone else who may appear) will remain drama-free, you may want to consider hiring security.



Having a dedicated security team on-hand can also give you peace-of-mind knowing there will be someone who can quickly recognize emergencies and immediately call for the appropriate help. 

So, wedding security can include many issues that brides may not have originally considered. Let us be your dedicated damage-control team!

Wedding Security

for a drama-free day

So, you have paid attention to every detail of your wedding: the venue, the flowers, the dress; the list goes on and on. So why add one more thing? Wedding security may sound like an unnecessary extravagance, but is it?
Let's look at a few "just-in-case" reasons to consider having security at your wedding:

The Guest List

When going over all of the people who are invited, think about anyone who may potentially stir up drama. Weddings bring families and friends together and often include people who are not usually in the same room with one another. Have there been past issues between a few of the guests? Will there be a "plus one" that could bring some unwanted attention? Is there someone who might unexpectedly show up? 


Although most guests will attend your wedding with the best intentions, when alcohol is thrown in, all bets are off. Intoxication can easily turn friendly conversations into altercations. Security professionals can quietly step in and keep the peace.

Wedding Crashers

Let's face it, weddings cost a lot of money. And as great as the day may be, do you really want to pay for a stranger's food and entertainment? Our security experts are trained to kindly and quietly remove unwanted strangers without one of your wedding party or guests having to step in.

Ending the night

Because receptions often end at night, we will be there to escort guests to their cars. This can be especially helpful for older guests or if the parking is off-site.


Aaahh, the honeymoon...Finally, your time to get away and relax. And the perfect time for criminals to break into your home. 


It may seem innocent enough: telling wedding guests and co-workers when and where you are going, posting exciting updates on social media, like, "Can't wait to get on that plane!" Or sharing images of each other enjoying a beautiful vacation together. Unfortunately, this is exactly what smart criminals look for. And getting this information may be easier than you think.

Not everyone can have a housesitter there 24 hours a day, so we developed our Honeymoon House Watch service to help put your mind at ease and enjoy your time away. Our security officers will periodically inspect your home for signs of environmental, criminal, or suspicious activity and immediately alert you and the proper authorities should there be any issues.


So, call us, and spend your honeymoon stress-free!

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