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The Kenney Protective Agency’s mission is to provide professional services to each and every client with integrity and respect.  Our well-trained team will provide the necessary actions to complete the task-at-hand.

Real Estate Agent

Security Escort Service


Attention Real Estate Professionals;

According to the National Association of REALTORS safety survey, almost half of female  REALTORS (44%) and one in four male REALTORS have experienced a situation in the past that made them fear for their personal safety. 

" No agent should feel unsafe when they are doing their job"

We offer "Agent Security Escorts" where a security professional will accompany the sales associate into the home/business to help improve agent safety and reduce the opportunity for a potential harmful situation.

This security service is perfect for:

  • Open Houses

  • Off-hour office meetings

  • House/business showings (isolated areas)

  • Any Showing (when your gut tells you something might be wrong)


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Contractor  Supervision Service


electrician, plumber, flooring, painter

Attention Home Owners;

Need someone there with that contractor while you're away or working?

Our security officers will watch your home while you're away to ensure the continued security and safety of your home and property.

Attention Business Owners;

Our security officers will watch your business/store during off-hours to ensure the continued security and safety of your building and it's contents.

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 Security for House of Worship

We provide security throughout the calendar year as well as religious holidays, and during times of heightened alerts.  

With Kenney Protective Agency, your congregation can feel at ease as they worship and participate in their religious community. We offer armed and unarmed security, as well as customized programs that include risk assessments,  recommendations, training and implementation of a volunteer Safety Team, and many other ways that can keep the congregation safer from the inside out.

Security Home Watch

Our Security Home Watch service is a comprehensive house/property watch and security service that provides our clients with the peace of mind in knowing that a  Professional Security Agent will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to check on their home. 

Whether you will be away for months or hours, you will find our security home watch service to be affordable. Contact us for a free quote.

Security Officer Services

Kenney Protective Agency will provide you with a custom-tailored security solution in the following areas:

  • Uniformed Security Officers

  • Plain Clothes Officers

  • Retail-Single store 

  • Car Dealership Day/Night Watch

  • Cash/Jewelry Escorts

  • Fire Watch

  • And much more…


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Wedding &

Private Event Security


Whether you’re hosting a single event, or are a regular event organizer or meeting planner, we are ready to become your event security partner. With our flexible event security services and pricing options, you can have peace of mind knowing that you and your guests are protected while you focus on hosting a successful event.​

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